GIRLOON Carpet awarded the Blue Angel

GIRLOON is the first carpet manufacturer to receive the "Blue Environmental Angel" award for its web and tufting products.

This certification proves that all GIRLOON products are low-emission and thus fulfil the high environmental standards of the "Blue Angel".

And all tufting products made with the well-known "EasyTex" finish (fleeces and metre wear in the same overall strength - primarily for public and commercial buildings) and which have been on the market for years may also carry the "Blue Angel" logo with immediate effect.

After years of development work, GIRLOON is particularly proud that it can add new products to its sales figures for public and commercial buildings and private residences.


Talking about the latest on the subject of fine dust and carpets, GIRLOON has some interesting news... Although the subject of fine dust pollution is being gradually forgotten by consumers due to decreasing media interest, it should be obvious to everybody that the actual pollution problem has by no means disappeared. It should also be obvious that increased fine dust pollution not only endangers our health on the roads and in nature but also at work and in our private dwelling areas. The DAAB (Deutscher Allergie und Asthmabund, or German Allergy and Asthma Federation) has commissioned a study especially for our private living areas.

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Advantages of easyTEX

The clever back of GIRLOON-TUFTING Carpets
The special advantages:

  • no adhesive, only tacky-fire required
  • a perfect performance
  • high dimensional stability
  • no odor
  • easy change of floorcovering
  • no dirt/soiling
  • no need to redo the subfloor
  • easy to fit
  • low weight and easy/clean cutting
  • with a better environment in mind: no bitumen and no PVC
  • same total thickness in the case of broadloom and tiles
    (possibility to fir side by side)


There are indeed very major advantages in having textile ἀoor coverings instead of hard ones.The most important advantages are listed below:

1. Noise-Reducing Effect
ScientiḀc studies prove that noise pollution in buildings has a considerable inἀuence on peoples‘ wellbeing. Besides avoiding the sound of people walking, GIRLOON carpets offer very good sound-absorbent characteris-tics which ensure that acute noise pollution such as with hard ἀoor covers does not occur at all. The best sound absorption offered by GIRLOON carpets is par-ticularly noticeable in places where large numbers of people congregate. If a GIRLOON carpet is included in planning from the beginning, it is possible to achieve cost savings in preventive acoustic measures.

2. Dust-Binding Characteristics
Thanks to its dust-binding characteristics, GIRLOON carpets are approximately 50% more hygienic in the home than a hard ἀoor covering. As dust particles simultaneously also bind germs and similar bodies in the air in the room, a GIRLOON carpet helps reduce the potential risk through regular carpet care right from the beginning.

3. Energy Savings
GIRLOON carpets not only give the optical impression of warmth, comfort and cosiness, they have also been proven to retain warmth in a room for a longer period. For people to feel warm, the crucial factor is primarily warm feet, which, in contrast to hard ἀoors, GIRLOON carpets achieve without under-ἀoor heating or increas-ing the ambient temperature. Also in contrast to a hard floor, a GIRLOON carpet acts as a good insulator, for example in unheated basements.

4. Easy to Look After
Ideal care right from the start is the prerequisite for a carpet‘s good appearance and a long life. Seen from this point of view and with the use of the right clea-ning equipment and methods, it is possible to remove dirt considerably more easily than many other coated hard surfaces. Depending on the degree of use, a care plan can be devised which ensures that the ἀoor stays clean and which preserves the aesthetic effect of your GIRLOON carpet as an interior decoration item.

5. GIRLOON Carpets Also Suitable for Those Allergic to House Dust Ticks
As far as we are aware, there is no scientiḀc research or literature which attributes the occurrence of aller-gies to the presence of a GIRLOON carpet. With regular care and proper cleaning by a specialist, the actual al-lergen, excrement of house dust mites can be removed from a carpet very easily. As a carpet is the only ἀoor covering which is able to bind house dust from the air due to the nature of its surface, it is the ideal covering for those allergic to house dust ticks.

6. Relief for the Muscles
From an orthopaedic point of view, a carpet has the most favourable characteristics of all ἀoor coverings. The layer of Ḁbres adapts to each movement of the foot and ensures an even distribution of the body weight while simultaneously cushioning the joints.

7. Reduced Accident Risk
Textile ἀoor coverings are soft and elastic but not smooth. This promotes a high level of surefooted-ness, which considerably reduces the risk of tripping – one advantage of considerable signiḀcance for elderly people and for stairs.

8. Quality of In-Door Air
GIRLOON carpets are tested by the “Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden“ (“Environmentally Friendly Carpet Association“, or “GuT“ for short) and are thus one of the factors that score particularly well in an assessment of indoor air. We document this facet with voluntary in-house and external controls, thereby guaranteeing low-pollutant, environmentally friendly carpets. So every time you buy a GIRLOON carpet, you will always be acquiring an environmentally friendly “GuT“-tested quality product.

9. Laying and Changing Floor-Coverings
Laying a GIRLOON carpet on a specially prepared sur-face is much quicker and less cost-intensive than with many hard ἀoor coverings. Even removing a GIRLOON carpet is usually less strenuous and expensive than many other hard coverings. And today there are methods for laying GIRLOON carpets today that do not require the renewed preparation of the under-surface, such as the “GIRLOON easyTEX System“.

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