Individual Design

Starting at 100 m², we make nearly any desired pattern a reality on our computer-controlled printing system.

This ChromoJet injection printing technology is similar to the basic principle behind the familiar inkjet printer known from electronic data processing equipment. In the ChromoJet process a printhead (weight approx. 4.5 t) is moved across the raw white carpet perpendicular to the direction of production. As the printhead traverses the raw material up to 8 different dyes are jet-injected from 8,192 nozzles, all computer-guided. This results in a print density of 1,000,000 dots per square metre displaying incredible contour sharpness for a nearly unlimited variety of designs.

As this technology is also available to us as a separate model system in ‘small-scale format’, our customers naturally receive printed samples sized approx. 100 x 100 cm, which can subsequently be used to choose the product and design.

Horizontal steamer (25 m long), printing-dye fixation using saturated steam at 98 degrees Celsius
ChromoJet M-400 printhead (4.5 t) during production
Nozzle array for individual dye segments. They are located underneath the printhead. Fineness/partitioning: 400 nozzles are equivalent to a resolution of 24.5 dpi (1 mm).
Dye batch preparation station: 52 tanks (from 250 to 6,000 litres)