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Carpet and Environment

Carpets from Girloon are true all-rounders - they are cosy, quiet and warm and thus help to transform rooms into a place of peace and relaxation. Thanks to their special texture, they are equally gentle on joints and muscles and are also suitable for allergy sufferers who react to house dust. And because they are also easy to clean, they are also particularly suitable for your own four walls.


Carpets have been proven to help store heat and keep it in the room longer than hard floors, for example. They therefore help to improve the atmosphere in the room and can reduce heating costs by up to 10 percent. In addition, they absorb both footfall and footfall sound, thereby reducing the noise level in all adjacent rooms.


Contrary to the common opinion that allergy sufferers should urgently avoid carpets, they are even helpful and can be beneficial. Because unlike hard floors, carpet solutions bind dust particles flying around until you pick them up with your vacuum cleaner and dispose of them. In this way, carpets ensure that the air is kept a little cleaner.


Even if you sometimes find it hard to believe - carpets are absolutely easy to clean. Because if a stubborn liquid is not poured on them, simple vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner is usually enough to keep them clean. No wiping, no polishing, no waxing. Up to 90 percent of all impurities can be easily removed with a cloth and some warm water.

Girloon Teppichboden und Umwelt

But we also make sure that our products meet the highest standards and can therefore be used everywhere without any problems: 

All our products are monitored by the "TÜV PROFICERT-product Interior" certification procedure for interior products, under health (pollutants and emissions) and quality criteria.

Blue Angel
Carpet solutions from Girloon fulfil the requirements of the "Blue Angel", the seal of the Federal Environment Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany.

We easily meet the requirements and standards of the German Sustainable Building Council. We are also a member of the German Sustainable Building Council.

All our products meet the requirements of the building certification LEED 4.0 and higher, the proof of EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) as well as the required ABZ (general building approval).

European REACH standard
We only use dyes that comply with the European REACH standard for environmental and consumer protection.

Heat recovery & energy saving
We save around 2-15 percent of the energy used in the production of our textile floor coverings each year by installing a heat recovery system, thus actively protecting the environment.

Water saving & dyeing water
The process water produced in the dyeing and printing works is reused for subsequent treatment after a filtering process, thus protecting the environment.

Clean dyestuffs
The dyes used in our dyeing plant and the Colaris digital printing plant are biodegradable and may be filtered and fed into the city's sewage system.

Maintenance and investment
We maintain and update our complete machine park intensively and regularly. In this way we counteract increased energy consumption due to possible wear and tear.

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