Carpeted floor with character

Girloon Individual Design

Precisely your carpet

Not just any carpet, it’s your carpet – you can use the Girloon individual design system to create a carpet that is as unique as your company or apartment. With dynamic colours, varied patterns and a unique carpet topography. For that certain something and the right atmosphere. Naturally, state-of-the-art, absolutely precise, with sharp contours and still very sustainable. This is a practical modular system with different backings for all acoustic challenges, and comes in Girloon’s traditional excellent quality. Don’t trust just anyone. Trust proven German quality.


Vibrant structures

Use the power of the structures and upgrade your rooms sustainably. Because carpets can do more than just look good; they inspire, impress, and arouse emotions. At first sight. Design dynamic moments with floral ornaments or convey the vast ocean with delicate wave patterns. Lend structure to your image or add your logo or make it unique with your own designs. Give your rooms their own characters and personal touch with your own individual carpet topography. For a lasting impression. Every day.


Infinite colour depths

Use the power of colour and create a unique atmosphere in your rooms – choose from many different shades and create your own individual colour pallette. Precisely trimmed to your standards and customers, and also to your interior. Nuances down to the last detail with flowing colour transitions or impressive contrasts – for an eye-catching design and lasting impressions. This allows you to give your rooms the substance they deserve and give your customers the feeling that you want. Love at first sight. 


Unique samples

Very sharp contours and high resolution - we develop your individual design from just four colours. In an infinite range of colours for a unique appearance and a carpet with character. From the design template through to the pattern or picture you designed - together, we turn your carpets into real eye-catchers that underscore your image and create the perfect atmosphere. Stay grounded. Remain true to yourself. And turn your floors into real designer pieces with our carpet solutions.


Digitally impressive

Modern equipment for modern carpets - we use our Colaris digital printer to realise almost any pattern requests with just four basic colours and a printing procedure that is unique in the world. With up to 280 million printing points and almost 1 billion pixels per square meter for maximum precise and sharp contours and almost infinite colour diversity. Experience impressive photo-realistic results and structures that imitate e.g. high-low loop structures or draw-and-cut and/or loop-velour combinations. Keep up with the state-of-the-art and profit from the unique benefits of modern carpet printing technology. Walk on carpets of the next generation.