A good reason

Data Force GmbH from Frankfurt/Main, in contrast to many other companies, deliberately uses carpeting in its offices.

Girloon Dataforce Frankfurt

Interior designer Susanne Leson decided against supposedly practical plastic, laminate or wooden floors in the design of the work areas for good reason: "Concentrated work is easier in a pleasant atmosphere. Carpeting over a large area can be an effective solution here to provide peace and quiet and balance". After all, in addition to durability, functionality and the ability to be individualised, carpet ensures well-being and satisfaction - not least by making a positive contribution to room acoustics. After all, many office workers feel disturbed by noise and noises.

Furthermore, carpet reduces fine dust in the air, creates warmth and cosiness and is therefore beneficial to health and well-being - all factors that can have a positive effect on the work performance of employees*.

In this specific case, Dataforce GmbH in Frankfurt/Main used self-adhesive modulArt carpet tiles made of Antron® brand fibres from INVISTA in the 25 x 100 cm format. Interior designer Susanne Leson: "I was tempted to use the modules for design purposes, because they create a new dynamic in floor design". In the heavily frequented corridor area, MELANGE, a 1/10th mottled velour in four fresh shades of blue and grey, was used, which merges seamlessly into the areas with sheet material. The result is a varied floor pattern that sets accents and at the same time convinces with pleasant acoustics and maximum functionality.

You too can rely on flexibility and opt for versatile carpet tiles. You can find an overview of all available products here. 

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