Allergy? Carpet!

Anyone suffering from a house dust allergy should leave nothing to chance when choosing furniture and furnishings. This includes the appropriate floor covering.

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House dust mites feel particularly at home in upholstered furniture, beds and the like. No wonder, then, that the air in living rooms and bedrooms is usually heavily polluted with house dust. This is especially a problem for people who have been diagnosed with a house dust allergy. They should definitely make sure to use a floor covering in their home that binds house dust. The proven best product for this is carpet.

Carpet is the only flooring that, because of its open-pored surface (whether loop or velour), is able to absorb and hold house dust from the air you breathe. No other flooring - no matter how high quality - can do this. Regularly cleaned with a brush vacuum cleaner, carpet is thus the ideal choice for people who are allergic to dust mites and want to make their living environment as low-allergen as possible.

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