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Deceptively real web optics in digital printing

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For more than 80 years we have been a family business producing high quality carpets and weaving work. 

Qualities such as standard, velvet pile, high pile, santa and extra pile are still an integral part of the Girloon collection and are continuously developed further. Because we leave standing still to others and so it is not surprising that we regularly set new standards, for example with our liftBAC carpet tiles. 

Or the worldwide unique Colaris digital printing technology - the revolution in modern carpet production. It produces eleven square meters of carpet per minute, in an unprecedented variety of colors and contour sharpness. And that with only four basic colours. So we can easily bring even the most detailed photos into the carpet. And we mean that literally. Because, in contrast to conventional production methods, with Colaris the colour penetrates to the bottom of the pile and is therefore longer lasting. 

And with this digital printing technology, we have now been able to realize another innovation - because at the Domotex in Hanover, we used it for the first time to recreate woven looks that look so real that they cannot be distinguished from real woven looks with the naked eye. Only when you touch them you can see the difference and that they are tufted printed fabrics. With this new technology we will be able to respond even more flexibly to our customers' wishes and requirements in the future and surprise you with endless design possibilities.