Good for the environment

On our Colaris digital printing system we can easily fulfil practically any pattern wish from four basic colours - this is unique worldwide.

Girloon digital-print Colaris

No wonder, because up to 280 million print dots and almost 1 billion pixels per square metre ensure maximum precision, contour sharpness and almost unlimited colour diversity. This produces photo-realistic results and even structures, e.g. high-low loop structures.

But modern carpet printing technology can do even more, because it not only delivers impressive results, but also protects the environment. With Colaris we have been able to reduce our energy consumption significantly - by about 85 percent! And CO2 emissions have also been reduced by 570 tons per year since the introduction of this technology. For us, this is an important and correct step towards even more sustainable production. And because the Federal Ministry of the Environment's Environmental Innovation Programme also sees it this way, it rewards and promotes us for our efforts.

Discover all the possibilities that the digital printing technology Colaris offers you and choose carpets from environmentally friendly production! Our GIRLOON dealers will also be happy to advise you personally on site.