Keeps more than he promises

Carpets are often underestimated. At the same time, they offer many practical advantages - especially in comparison to hard floors.

Girloon Carpets and Environment

Both during installation and during maintenance or daily cleaning. So that you know what to expect when you buy a carpet solution from Girloon, we have already compiled all the important information for you.

On our new sustainability page, we now inform you about all the advantages of our carpets and our production. Because carpets are not only particularly good for allergy sufferers, they are also particularly easy to clean and, thanks to their unique texture, create a better room atmosphere. And because your health and nature are particularly close to our hearts, we make sure even before production that we work in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner and use only the best ingredients. For the good feeling of having bought a quality product. Translated with (free version)

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