Happy homeoffice

Home office is the trend. And it's already clear that even after the pandemic is over, many people will want to continue working from home, at least some of the time.

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This makes it all the more important to create a space that allows concentration and well-being in equal measure. The right floor makes a significant contribution to a successful working atmosphere. Our recommendation: definitely go for carpeting, preferably from Girloon! The advantages are obvious:
- Carpet has a sound-insulating effect, reduces noise and noise pollution and thus ensures a quiet working environment.
- High thermal insulation ensures an optimal feeling of warmth - ideal for feeling comfortable even during long periods of work.
- Soft, flattering surfaces ensure a pleasant feeling underfoot, even barefoot.
- Girloon carpets are suitable for allergy sufferers. Clean room air without house dust or fine dust enables concentrated work.
- Easy cleaning by regular vacuuming keeps the carpet beautiful for a long time. Immediate stain removal is also possible in 90% of cases with warm water without any problems.
- All Girloon products are ecologically sound and certified by the Blue Angel.

You can find an overview of all carpets, whether as sheet goods or practical carpet tiles, in our product overview. Our dealers will also be happy to help you equip your home office with a suitable carpet solution.