We are the best carpet supplier of the German-speaking wholesale trade for the fourth time in a row

Girloon at the BTH Heimtex award ceremony

If that's not a good reason to celebrate: The readers of BTH Heimtex - the trade journal for floor coverings, parquet + laminate, installation materials, home textiles, wallpapers, sun protection, paints + varnishes - voted us the best carpet supplier to the German-speaking wholesale trade for the fourth time in a row. For this we say thank you!

And as if that wasn't reason enough to be happy, we were able to improve the results of the last surveys even more. With an overall score of 2.1 and ten of the 13 top places in the individual categories, we have, thanks to your support, far outstripped the competition. This includes not only the quality of our field sales force, the quality of our office sales force, our delivery speed and reliability, the processing of complaints, our product innovation and future prospects, but also product quality, the sympathy value and our sales policy. We were also ahead in the question of which carpet suppliers the wholesale trade buys from, with a market penetration of 94 percent.

We would like to thank all participants in the survey for the renewed confirmation of our good work and for the fact that we were able to improve significantly once again. And of course we would like to return this trust to you - we will continue to work every day in the future to become even better for you.