New: Girloon Buyer's Guide

Which carpet is the right one for my home or office? Our new Buyer's Guide, in which we present our top 3 collections in brief, helps to answer this question.

Girloon Buyers Guide 2020

The decision for or against a certain carpet is as individual as your life circumstances. Colour, surface characteristics, acoustics, combination possibilities and care are just a few aspects that should be considered when choosing a new carpet.

For an initial overview of our most popular collections, we therefore recommend our new Buyer's Guide. Get to know GIRLOON modulART - Loop Design with its modern, three-dimensional surface characteristics. Find out how you can design your own carpet according to your needs with GIRLOON SOLUTIONS. Or immerse yourself in the almost infinite combination possibilities of GIRLOON STYLE, our practical textile modules. Everything compiled for you and available with just one click in our Buyer's Guide. Take a look right away!

Would you prefer to browse through all our collections directly? No problem, here you will find the product overview. We have also compiled a list of our dealers for you. Have fun browsing!