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Carpets in the object area


Girloon carpet in the object area

High public traffic, special requirements and changing weather conditions - especially in the commercial sector, the floor 
always just fit perfectly and take part in everything. Because when many people with different types of footwear walk through the offices or corridors in sunshine, snow and rain, the floor is exposed to very special stresses. It's good that there are carpet solutions from Girloon. Because they can take almost anything and are extremely hard-wearing. This makes them the perfect partner for the contract sector. They also meet the four important requirements for floor solutions: 

Especially when it comes to health, carpets are the best choice - because they are not only gentle on the joints, they also absorb the dust from the air, trap it and are therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. 

Loud noises are disturbing and distracting, especially in the commercial sector. With its soft structure, carpet dampens the sound and thus creates an all-round pleasant feel-good climate in every room. 

The perceived temperature in rooms equipped with carpet is demonstrably about two degrees warmer than in rooms with hard floor coverings. This not only ensures a feeling of well-being, but also the heating bill. 

In most cases, carpet is extremely easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Without wiping, polishing or waxing. This not only saves costs, but also a lot of work and is also good for the environment. Our tip: Carpet tiles from Girloon can be replaced very easily in extreme cases.