Clean facts

It goes without saying that the quality of our products alone is a guarantee that end customers will enjoy their high-quality carpet solution for a long time.

Girloon clean facts

Nevertheless, carpets and carpet tiles from Girloon must also be regularly cleaned and maintained. In addition to the right care products, this naturally also includes the appropriate cleaning procedure. Always depending on the material composition, carpet construction and the respective installation method. This is the only way to ensure that a cleaning procedure appropriate to the quality, the laying method and the subfloor is used and that the carpet is not damaged by the cleaning. To ensure that your carpet or carpet tiles will give you pleasure for a long time, we have summarised the four most important tips for optimum care here:

  1. use clean running zones to protect your carpet from unnecessary dirt
  2. regular and evenly distributed maintenance cleaning with the brush vacuum
  3. allow the carpet to dry completely after wet cleaning
  4. remove stains as soon as possible after they occur

You can find a detailed explanation of correct cleaning in this practical PDF, which you can easily download or print out.