Versatile: High Pile

Soft, softer, high pile: Textile floor coverings with a high pile are carpets with a pile layer of long yarns (15 to 50 mm).

Often you can also find them under the term "shaggy". However, this only refers to particularly shaggy high pile carpets. Whether shaggy or not - high pile fits perfectly into the cold season and provides cosiness due to its soft surface and gentle structure. But this is not the only positive characteristic of high-pile carpets. Because their long fibres also provide excellent footfall sound insulation. This is why they are particularly suitable for use on upper floors or in rooms where there is a lot of movement - even if you would not expect it at first. After all, who lays a carpet of long fibres in a passageway, for example?

It is worth considering, however, as these carpets are also particularly allergy-friendly. Because: they bind and hold dust until the next cleaning. Even if the care of a high-pile carpet is of course somewhat more complex than that of a short-pile carpet, high-pile carpets for public spaces should not be categorically excluded. They improve room acoustics and climate and create a pleasant, homely atmosphere - and not only in the cold season.

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