Webs vs. tiles

We look closely: Web material vs. carpet tile? Advantages, tips and more!

Do you need a new carpet? Then you should first think about whether sheet material or carpet tiles are the right choice for you. Both have advantages that cannot be dismissed:

Floor coverings

  • GIRLOON sheets are available in widths of 200 cm and 400 cm. This makes it suitable for rooms of almost any size.
  • It is ideal for spacious areas in particular.
  • After laying, there are practically no visible seams or transitions.
  • Carpets laid in one piece create a particularly luxurious walking experience.
  • Disadvantage: sheet material is more complicated to lay. In addition, more waste is usually produced.

Carpet tiles

  • GIRLOON carpet tiles are available in the size 25 x 100 cm and are therefore also perfectly suitable for smaller rooms.
  • Due to their modular use, they offer maximum freedom of design.
  • Easy to lay, quick to replace, hardly any waste.
  • With GIRLOON carpet tiles you can choose from nine different qualities and 72 colours.
  • Our carpet tiles can be laid self-adhesively without additional adhesive or only fixed (optional coating variant liftBAC).
  • Disadvantage: Even after professional installation, seams and transitions may still be easily visible.

Would you like to learn more about our sheet products and carpet tiles? Then take a look at our product overview. Our dealers will also be happy to advise you personally and explain the advantages of both variants in detail.