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Be it woven or tufted - Girloon products always stand out thanks to their maximum quality and durability. It is no coincidence that we are the first carpet manufacturer to receive the Blue Angel environment seal for our woven and tufting products, certifying that our production processes and products are low-emission and meet the strictest of environment standard. Of course, this also applies to all tufting products with our successful Easy-Tex features. Simply a healthy basis for excellent quality.


And of course, all Girloon solutions fulfil the necessary quality criteria and technical requirements on site, they can be easily combined with underfloor heating, they are antistatic and highly flame-retardant.

easyTEX – simple, practical, functional

Discover easyTex – the perfect building system by GIRLOON. Thanks to a patented fixation solution - without adhesion - it allows maximum functionality and dimensional stability. Your benefit: No odours, no dirt and no work on the subsurface necessary. Simply lay the carpet, replace if necessary, without any burden on the environment. And because easyTex webs and modules are the same height, you can easily combine both formats to create even more possibilities for interesting floor solutions.

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Flowing transitions and interesting patterns

Make more of your rooms. Using modern carpet modules by Girloon you can let your creativity run wild and create completely new situations. The 25 x 100 cm tiles are available in nine different grades and 72 colours, allowing you maximum design freedom, even when laying them on site. Thanks to the optional innovative coating variant, Girloon liftABC, you also have the choice of laying the carpet using the self-adhesion feature without additional adhesives or simply affixing it.

Very practical: Carpet tiles by Girloon also allow installation with almost no cutting, and can be walked over immediately. This means they can be installed very quickly and extremely efficiently. And because they are free of harmful bitumen, PVC & heavy coatings, you don’t need to worry about the environment.

  • Individual modules can be replaced easily
  • Perfect for individual floor design
  • Excellent acoustic values thanks to the comfort lining
  • Pleasant to walk on and high non-slip quality
  • Ideal for raised floors

Rolls of diversity and quality

Be it adhered or affixed - Girloon carpet rolls are always a good solution. The carpet webs are available in the widths 200, 400 and 500 cm, XX colours and various grades. Thanks to their excellent properties, they are thermally insulated, have good noise-damping and non-slip properties, and are also ideal for people who are allergic to house dust. The floor automatically becomes an upmarket relaxation zone with visible structures you can feel. For maximum quality of life or upmarket business and company rooms. Girloon carpets are only made with the very best ingredients in line with exacting standards. There are almost no seams or visible transitions when laid.

Accessories A carpet’s best friend

Make more of your flooring and use the original - the Girloon vacuum cleaner with a manual 4-level height adjustment feature. It is perfect for hard flooring, carpets and stairs, and removes animal hair very easily. This 1300 Watt power pack has a twist-tilt joint making it highly flexible and able to get into every corner. The 3.5 litre filter bag offers plenty of space for dust and dirt, and is very easy to insert thanks to the automatic positioning feature. Very practical: By removing the hose nozzle from the suction opening on the side, the hose can be used either on its own or with another accessory nozzle.