GIRLOON Commercial Carpets Woven

Woven wall-to-wall carpets for the exclusive business-site interior

With this selection of carpets GIRLOON is once again corroborating its top-ranking position as a producer of woven products and special surface structures. They are among the finest and most exquisite the market has to offer. Alongside the proven woven classics “Projektflor”, “Extraflor” and “Girnova”, the range has been expanded to include additional superfine velour weaves and elegantly refined jacquard articles.

To meet the high standard that has been set the GIRLOON brand is presenting a spectrum of surfaces that is second to none on the market with its new collection displaying 9 products and over 80 colour schemes. A collection for business sites that doubtlessly does justice to the most demanding requirements. All of the carpets in this purely WOVEN collection are, once again, “Made in Germany” and made exclusively by GIRLOON at its production location in Herzebrock.

Nearly 60 years ago, the birth of GIRLOON “Samtflor”, a velvet pile carpet for the home, formed the cornerstone for the supremely successful path the GIRLOON brand has taken. A ‘milestone’ along this path and unique to this day, GIRLOON “Hochflor” has a stitch rate of more than 1.1m per square metre. And to this day GIRLOON “Hochflor” remains the world’s finest machine-made woven velour. This know-how has been broadened over the years to include the development of woven products for business sites. Which enables us to look with a certain pride on our ‘living’ classics in this segment, too.

Today all GIRLOON woven carpets continue to captivate due to their absolutely homogeneous surface structure and unique tactile feel. Take pleasure in your new, exclusive GIRLOON Commercial Woven Collection!