GIRLOON offers the opportunity to design individualised area rugs from a selection of 5 products and 3 different styles of borders with the new, choice-quality GIRLOON Rugs collection edged in a leather look. The basis for this collection was formed by specifically singling out a certain portion of the high-quality and high-pile carpets from the GIRLOON case for the residential sector for special finishing by hand as an area rug.

The 3 different styles of borders in a leather look, a velour leather look and a folded-over variation are manufactured with the greatest craftsmanship by hand. The colours of the edgings are targeted to be in tune with the rugs and let each of them display a harmonious overall appearance.

You can give your own creativity free rein here to shed new light on your rooms and interiors. The rugs are additionally fitted with a slip-resistant fabric which, alongside its functionality, provides even more volume, improved spatial acoustics and increased walking comfort.

We have given special attention to simplicity in the pricing: one price, regardless of the style of manufacture for a given size. In the case of in-between sizes, cost estimates can be made using the next-largest dimensions.

Whether in the residential sector, for the office or the hotel trade, GIRLOON rugs bring life to your rooms!

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