GIRLOON Carpets receives “Blue Angel”

GIRLOON is the first carpet manufacturer to receive the “Blue Angel” environmental label for its woven and tufted products.

The certification is proof that all GIRLOON products exhibit low levels of emissions and consequently fulfil the strict environmental specifications set for the “Blue Angel”.

What’s more, all of the tufted products fitted with “easyTEX”, a backing (for tile and broadloom bearing the same total thickness, primarily for the business-site sector) that has been well known on the market for years, are allowed to embellish themselves with the “Blue Angel” seal.

Following years of development work, everyone at GIRLOON accordingly takes particular pride in inaugurating new symbols of sales to come for its products in the commercial and residential sectors.

Carpets from GIRLOON bind fine dust

GIRLOON has an interesting news update on the topic of fine dust particles and carpets… Even though the subject of fine dust particle pollution is gradually fading from consumers’ minds in light of waning interest on the part of the media, it ought to be clear to everyone that the actual pollution problem itself hasn’t disappeared. Apart from that, it ought to be clear that excessive so-called ‘particulate matter pollution’ poses a health risk not only on our streets and outdoors: it’s just as much a risk at our workplaces and in the spaces we live in. DAAB, the German Allergy and Asthma Association, commissioned a study especially for the private sector.




There certainly are quite major benefits to a textile flooring in comparison to hard flooring. The most important are stated once again in the following:

1. Noise-reducing effect
Scientific studies verify that noise pollution in buildings has a decisive influence on human beings’ sense of well-being. Besides preventing the sounds of footsteps, GIRLOON carpets offer very good sound-absorbing attributes which ensure that an intense noise pollution such as exists with hard floorings does not arise in the first place. The optimum sound absorption of GIRLOON carpets makes itself particularly apparent at places where many people congregate. If a GIRLOON carpet is included there in the planning phase right from the start, this enables savings on measures dealing with spatial acoustics.

2. Dust-binding properties
Compared with a hard flooring, a GIRLOON carpet is 50% more hygienic in home interiors thanks to its dust-binding properties. As such dust particles simultaneously bind germs and other components present in indoor air, a carpet from GIRLOON contributes towards decreasing the potential risk when proper carpet care & upkeep are performed regularly from the start.

3. Energy savings
The impression of warmth, comfort and cosiness conveyed by GIRLOON wall-to-wall carpets is not only visual: they verifiably contribute towards retaining heat longer in a room. By the way, a decisive factor in the way people generally perceive warmth is primarily via their feet. Unlike hard flooring, this warmth is achieved quite easily by GIRLOON carpets, even without underfloor heating and raising the indoor air temperature. And once again in contrast to hard flooring, a GIRLOON carpet can provide well-functioning insulation against a chill, for instance the kind emanating from unheated basement rooms.

4. Trouble-free care & upkeep
Optimum care & upkeep from the very beginning is the prerequisite for a carpet’s good appearance and a long useful product life. Keeping this in mind and by utilising proper equipment and methods for cleaning, soiling can be removed from carpeting considerably easier than from some types of coated hard flooring. Depending on the degree of wear involved, a care & upkeep schedule can be drawn up that provides for floor hygiene while maintaining the aesthetic effect of your GIRLOON carpet as space-designing element.

5. GIRLOON carpet for those allergic to household dust mites, too
According to the knowledge at our disposal, no scholarly findings and treatises exist which state that the occurrence of allergies is to be ascribed to the presence of a GIRLOON carpet. In the event of regular care & upkeep and proper cleaning by a professional, the actual allergen, in this case the excrement of a household dust mite, can be removed from the carpet quite well. As a carpet is the only kind of flooring capable of binding airborne household dust due to its surface, wall-to-wall carpeting is the most suitable covering for someone allergic to household dust.

6. Muscular system relief
Viewed from orthopaedic standpoints, carpeting displays the best attributes among all types of flooring. The fibred layer adapts to each movement made by the foot and provides for an even distribution of bodily weight that eases the burden on joints.

7. Reduced accident risk
Textile floor coverings are soft and elastic but not smooth. This results in a high degree of surefootedness, which in turn substantially reduces the danger of slipping. A significant advantage, particularly for the elderly and for anyone on stairs.

8. Quality of indoor air
GIRLOON carpets are tested by GUT, the Assocation of Environmentally Friendly Carpets e.V., and are consequently among the products that receive particularly good ratings in evaluating indoor air. We document this state of affairs using voluntary self-auditing and external auditing, thereby guaranteeing that the carpets are low in emissions, eco-friendly and place less of a burden on the environment. In other words, when buying a GIRLOON carpet you are always purchasing an eco-friendly, “GUT”-tested quality product.

9. Laying and changing the flooring
Laying a GIRLOON carpet on a subflooring readily prepared for installation is much faster and less cost-intensive than with many types of hard flooring. In most cases, removing a GIRLOON carpet equally entails less time, effort and costs than with ‘hard-core competitors’. Above and beyond these factors: Whenever a change of flooring is on the agenda, these days installation methods suggest themselves for laying GIRLOON wall-to-wall carpets that manage completely without renewed subflooring preparation, for example the GIRLOON easyTEX System.


The perfect system for contract sites from GIRLOON

simple, practical, functional

  • No gluing, merely fixation
  • Perfect functionality
  • High dimensional stability
  • No odours
  • Easy change of flooring
  • Without dirt & grime
  • Without subfloor restructuring
  • Easy installation
  • Constructed for easier cutting
  • Low weight
  • For a better environment
  • No bitumen
  • No PVCs
  • Same height for broadloom lengths and modules